You are currently viewing Al Hoceima, the blue seashores of the Mediterranean

Al Hoceima, the blue seashores of the Mediterranean

Blue waters of the Mediterranean, its delicate, light waves, and the shore that diagrams the forms of one of Morocco’s most excellent coves welcome to the brilliant Al Hoceima! The spot resembles natural heaven. On one of its many seashores, you can unwind on a deckchair, partake in the sun during a stay.

Al Hoceima isn’t just a basic coastline town. Its environmental elements have loads of fortunes that experience darlings come in large numbers to investigate. Outside the town, close to the fishing town of Torres de Alcala, are the vestiges of five lookouts. The Portuguese had fabricated them during their settlement. Today, the site offers charming strolls for all admirers of old stones!

Within the city, the port isn’t to be neglected. Its edges are energized by the action of anglers and it is exquisite to walk around. A little far away, the Moro Viejo molding offers a grand sight, and its narrows give a stunning perspective on the environmental elements.


kimado Beach

The most renowned seashores of the city of Al Hoceima by any means, draw in huge quantities of vacationers to visit every year from everywhere in the world.

Where the ocean side partakes in a pleasant nature, reflected in the rough advances and the close by slopes that enhance it with a short tongue that stretches out inside the unmistakable seawater, notwithstanding a few trees and green spaces developing on its unadulterated brilliant sand.

Quemado Beach, which you can perceive as one of the main milestones when you see the city of Al Hoceima in pictures, gives incredible freedoms to rehearse water sports and sporting ocean side exercises. The ocean side is an optimal spot for plunging, watching, and capturing the most delightful vivid coral reefs and uncommon ocean animals at the lower part of the ocean.

Al Mezma Archeological Site

One of the main archeological locales in the city of Al Hoceima, which is visited by countless Moroccans and unfamiliar sightseers due to its antiquated history tracing all the way back to the 10th century AD, and tourist spots and proof that mirror the development of the Islamic state in the district at that point, prompting the establishment of Andalusia, and the episodes and occasions that the city went through during this period.

The old city was renowned since its commencement for the production of boats and earthenware and its striking design, notwithstanding its part in the past as a cautious stronghold shielding the city from adversary assaults.

Al Hoceima National Park

One of the most lovely normal milestones in the Moroccan city of Al Hoceima, which can be managed as a nature hold to ensure the plant and creature abundance of the city and the Kingdom from the danger of eradication.

The recreation area is home to the most famous and visited by the Kingdom’s inhabitants and its Arab and unfamiliar guests, around 60 types of birds, some of which are uncommon and jeopardized, for example, ocean falcons and brachiopods, 86 types of fish, and marine animals like seals, dolphins, and coral, and neighborhood plants like juniper, oaks, and specialists.

This is notwithstanding grand mountain ranges and particular extravagance convenience units spread across the recreation area, with a gentle environment that draws in guests consistently.

Swani Beach

One of the seashores of Al Hoceima, Morocco, which appreciates notoriety and acclaim among the nearby inhabitants of the city and the adjoining Moroccan urban communities, just as unfamiliar travelers coming from outside the country due to its delightful nature and indisputable chronicled significance.

Al Hoceima port

Perhaps the most famous and appealing vacation destinations for nearby and unfamiliar tourists while visiting the city of Al Hoceima, Morocco. Notwithstanding the way that cruising inside the port is one of the main methods for transportation inside the antiquated Moroccan city, the spot is great and ideal for a family excursion, regardless of whether by meandering or sitting in one of the very good quality eateries and bistros ignoring the port and having a supper Local or global rarities while partaking in the appealing clear ocean view.

Assuming that you are new couples who have come for your wedding trip excursion in Al Hoceima, Morocco, you can partake in a heartfelt supper around evening time at one of the eateries close to the port region disregarding the ocean coast.

Arbaa Taourirt Castle

Quite possibly the main monument left by the Spanish colonization in the city of Al Hoceima, Morocco, beginning around 1936.

The palace, which was worked to screen the core of the city and its edges during the occupation time frame, seems as though military pinnacles taking after storehouses, which were taken on by the occupants of the locale to protect crops. It comprises 99 rooms planned in a lavish and exquisite compositional style.

Clabonita Beach

One of the most excellent ocean side spots in Al Hoceima, Morocco, ideal for those searching for a loosening up air and calm entertainment, just as lovers of safari visit, setting up camp, and hiking, with extraordinary freedoms to sunbathe under the delicate sun and practice water sports like swimming and plunging.

Where the ocean side is found near the archeological site of Al-Mazma and partakes in a tree nature with unadulterated sand and clear water, ideal for plunging and different water sports.

Tauris Castle

One of the most established and most antiquated milestones of the old city of Al Hoceima, tracing all the way back to the time of Portuguese pioneers during the fifteenth century before the Spaniards influenced it during their control of the city during the sixteenth century.

Tauris Castle or Sanhaja, at the end of the day, is recognized by its five military pinnacles and its brilliant all-encompassing perspective on the Mediterranean coast.

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